About - Painter & Milliner Holly Kennedy



holly in her work space  
Ink & Silk was born out of the realisation I wanted to design and print my own fabrics, created from my paintings.
I am  inspired by flowers and foliage, the textures, vibrant hues and the beautiful natural patterns that nature offers.
Using acrylic inks and oil pastels to capture these rich, sumptuous colours and forms, I aim to impart a feeling of tranquillity and happiness where one gets lost in colour and pattern.
Working mainly on large heavy Fabriano paper using acrylic inks, paints, handmade stencils and lino cuts, oil pastels and ballpoint pens, I focus on colour, mark making and abstracted interpretations of the botanical world around me.
I hold a BA Hons degree in Illustration and also an MA in interactive media. For several years I worked in events doing interior décor and made several non linear short films. 
It was later that I both apprenticed and studied Millinery with Contemporary Fashion Milliner Noel Stewart and then worked for London based Fashion Milliner Piers Atkinson as  both a Milliner and his studio Manager, before having two children and then later moving away from London.
I am happiest when I'm feeling salt air on my face, getting lost in artist creation  and watching my children laugh and run wild.
Featured in July Issue of Coast Magazine 
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